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The Simeonidis brothers arrived to North America in 1963 from the small farm town of Drama, Greece and settled amid the quaint mining town of Thompson, Manitoba Canada. In those days there weren’t a lot of choices for immigrants; so the brothers landed jobs working for the Nickel Mines of Inco. After several long hard laboring years they saved enough money to follow their passion for good food, wine, and the ultimate dining experience opening the first Santa Lucia Restaurant in 1970. Within the year, business was so brisk that the help of Sevasti, Anna, Val, and Helen was required. The wives cooked, while the men walked the dining room insuring each customer had the dining experience worthy of a repeat visit to Santa Lucia. In 1975, the brothers ventured to the big city, opening the first Winnipeg location, and eventually opening seven restaurants.

As the second generation Simeonidis’ grew up wanting to open their own stores. Archie decided he wanted his children Maria and Alex to expand to the USA, opening their first location in Fargo. Maria married Geoff and the three formed a partnership and began the great American dream! Currently they own and operate one location in Fargo seating 130 guests and travel the US taking their original family’s recipes to over fifty festivals.

In 2008 the partners unveiled their newest concept, the “Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza” . Geoff, Maria, and Alex hope to take the family legacy to the next level creating a franchise concept worthy of their forefathers.
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the Santa Lucia Experience.

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"My husband & I had our first dining experience at your restaurant this past weekend (November 6, 2010) and I wanted to share with you our delight! 1 have wanted to try your restaurant for quite some time, but we have two children aged 3 and 5. Fine dining is not a fun experience with them. as you can imagine. This past weekend my husband and I were in Fargo by ourselves so I insisted we try Santa Lucia I LOVED EVERYTHING about the experience !!! We had a great waitress, the food was outstanding. the wine was superb and the bathroom (ladies room) was very elegant! My only complaint was that I was so full from my appetizer, wine and dinner that I was unable to try either the baklava or the cannoli and due to the unseasonably warm weather, I was unable to take them to go! I was thrilled to find a vegetarian combination entree. what a treat in North Dakota!!! Your Greek wine that has flavors of golden raisins and honey was AWESOME!

Please know that I will return to your restaurant. I have already suggested it to several of my friends in Jamestown.

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"Living in Fargo, North Dakota , you wouldn't expect there to be much diversity when it comes to dining outside of your own home. Many people from outside of the area probably think all that we eat is knoephla soup from Kroll's or pie from Fryin' Pan. Well, they are certainly mistaken. Fargo offers a vast amount of variety; everything from Thai cuisine to Mexican smorgasbords. One restaurant in particular that seems to hail as the King of The Mediterranean is Santa Lucia . With their large selection of Italian and even Greek dishes, Santa Lucia sets the bar high for other restaurants of the same liking.

The staff is most courteous, and takes time to make sure you are getting what you need, even if the restaurant is packed for dinner rush (like it usually is on weekends). A friendly atmosphere makes you feel as if you are sitting on a seaside cafe in Athens or Sicily. Roman columns , candles on tables, and music that makes you want to say "Opa!"

The menu, although large and somewhat intimidating, provides descriptions for each dish, so you know what you are getting yourself into. My personal favorite is the Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo . The thick, white pasta sauce comes out still bubbling hot, and smothers the firm Penne pasta and perfectly-seasoned chicken like the "icing on the cake".

As for cake and dessert, Santa Lucia provides multiple selections available for the final course . A creamy white cheesecake topped with raspberries satisfies the sweet tooth almost too well, but if you go to a restaurant such as this, you need to try the ethnic desserts! The best in my book is the Kataifi, served with vanilla ice cream. Shredded phyllo dough, wrapped around cinnamon-glazed almonds and walnuts, and covered with a sweet honey sauce. At Santa Lucia, this dish is a flambe, meaning part of the cooking process is a table side fire. Our waiter brought it out, doused the dish with liquor, and set it ablaze. Not only did this provide entertainment for us (and the couple next to us), but it tasted heavenly.

Santa Lucia certainly takes the cake when it comes to authentic Italian and Greek cuisine. Will it burn a hole in your pocketbook? No. Is it a great place to go when you're hankering for some baklava or pasta? Of course! (And from my own experience, it makes a great place for a first date!)


pizza - Fargo, ND - Santa Lucia Pizzeria
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